District Mythos Deck

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The big boy - the largest deck our partner District has ever made coming in at 22.8" x 5.7". The Mythos deck has been designed with street riding in mind and as such, features the most balanced grind rails on the market for perfecting 50/50's. It also comes with boxed ends, curved drop outs and will take even the widest wheels in the industry, a true monster. We've thrown in a District fender as well just for good measure. 

The Mythos deck is available in 2 colors, a stunning Liquid Black and the truest form of Raw Silver we've ever seen - cold as ice.


  • 5.7" x 22.8"
  • Strong GFR Nylon Dropout Inserts
  • Fits up to 30 x 120mm wheels

  • Brake: District alloy (Additional fender included)

  • Max Wheel Size: 125mm x 30mm
  • 3° Concave
  • 83° HTA
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6.66" Wide - So yeah

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